56 Avenida Emilio Muñoz 18152 Dílar Spain

Large public car park on the top edge of this town, no facilities. Slight incline, gravel surface. A row of poplar trees on one side offer some shade should you need it.
It’s quiet in the night and has fantastic views if the surrounding mountains. The town has a number of drinking fountains, one of them being just above the car park. They flow too slowly to fill up your tank, but you can fill bottles.
The town has quite narrow streets, so if you have a large vehicle, an easier approach is around the outside – coming from Otura, turn right just before Dilar. Follow the road through the fields and enter the town from the top end by the hermitage. The car park is then on your left, by the primary school. It is huge, but we were the only vehicle on it.






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